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An Acre of Choices Under One Roof
Ruland's Used Office Furniture

Surely you're familiar with Ruofs (pronounced RUFUS). The outspoken red fiberglass steer is a certifiable landmark by now, a colorful piece of Sacramento's daily business fabric.

From his home pasture at 215 N. 16th Street, Ruofs' thought-provoking messages provide a bright spot in the day for thousands of downtown businesspeople and state employees. It sometimes takes a little mental exploration to appreciate the real meaning of his comments, but Ruofs always brings a smile.

Like its mascot, Ruland's Office Furniture invites exploration and promises many a treasure for those willing to look and think a bit............



This Furniture Seller Steers Clear of Common Marketing

Reprinted from:
"Success Secrets of Sacramento's Business Professionals"

Born the ninth of twelve children, Steve Ruland learned at an early age the importance of setting himself apart from his competition. Many years later, the owner of Ruland's Used Office Furnishings uses a playful approach to draw attention to his business and to sell his merchandise.

Each weekday morning, 30,000 commuters heading north on Highway 160 pass the front of his 16th Street store, and each morning they are greeted by one of downtown Sacramento's most beloved fixtures: RUOFS (pronounced "RUFUS") - a red and white, life-size plastic cow that brings welcome humor to what some people might describe as a less-than-exciting business. (The cow's name is the acronym for the name of the store.)

While RUOFS remains chained to a bus stop in front of the business, his mobile "brother," a full-size fiberglass cow with the same name, similar markings, and wheels under his hooves, makes public appearances at fund-raisers and promotions...      


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